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Tyler Reinhard




Big Picture

I designed Signal, the app that changed the conversation about privacy.

I’ve spoken publicly across the world, nearly 100 times, from Malmö, Sweden to Cairo, Illinois about the impact of technology and publishing on our economic and social world.

I co-founded a reader-supported youth culture magazine that has paid more than 170 contributing writers with zero revenue from advertisements.

I still believe that the future is written by bold experiments conducted by small groups of friends.

The Little Things

In 2002 I was fifteen. I taught myself to write HTML and built one of the first online stores to sell independently published zines. The experience was so profound, I dropped out of high school to search for a transformative model for independent publishing on the internet.

Since then, I’ve lived in the woods, on the road, in squats, in collective houses, in warehouses, and offices. I’ve worked on a haute kitchen line, on construction sites, for design firms and newsrooms. Once, I owned and operated a letterpress studio. I spent eight years as a core member of one of the most prolific anarchist media collectives in history.


I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I write about the long view of civics, cultural production, and social technology.

I speak (occassionally).

I’m working to imagine the future of digital publishing at Condé Nast.

Questions and requests can be sent by email.
Last updated January 8, 2017.